Ray Higdon is Helping Network Marketers Recruit More Reps, Get More Leads & Become Top Earners In Their Company

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Creator: Ray Higdon

Ray was flat broke after losing everything he had in the 2008 Housing Collapse. He left the corporate world, picking up Network Marketing and building himself a multi-million dollar MLM Empire.  Ray is a Keynote Speaker for Network Marketing and an undisputed Authority in the MLM and Direct Selling Industries. 

Take Your Organization to the Next Level

Ray and the Higdon group provide tons of great high level materials to help you change the game. From Books, CD's and Tapes, to Seminars and Videos, 

As a Speaker, Ray has shared the stage with Mega Stars like Gary Vaynerchuk, Brendon Burchard, Eric Worre, Tim Sales, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Russ Whitney and many more...

A Proven MLM & Network Marketer

Product Launches

Ray has a documented history of successful product launches. In his Network Marketing career, he's had three separate product launches with revenues exceeding $800,000.

1 Million+ in Earned Commissions

Ray was the #1 earner in his Network Marketing company, earning himself over a Million Dollars in commissions. 


In his Network Marketing career, he won 11 separate paid vacations and 3 BMW's

Listen To What His Students Have to Say 


Jonathan Budd

"Ray Higdon is a man of action. His unrelenting vision & drive could climb any mountain and take at least 400,000 people with him. Probably 10x that amount. Whatever he's teaching... listen up."

Kathleen Deggelman

"With Ray and Jessica Higdon, I didn't just get one mentor but two. Ray and Jessica have helped me to become a better network marketer, a better network marketing leader and a better person. My favorite thing they have taught me is to provide value on a daily basis. My team has benefited tremendously because of our relationship too because my team training system is where it is today because of Ray and Jessica. They are the best!"

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